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Our aim is to get you the BIGGEST POSSIBLE TAX REFUND!!

​MY TAX BACK NZ Ltd are Tax Agents, registered with the Inland Revenue. Established in 2008, we have processed tax refund applications from over 180,000 clients. We provide a fast and efficient service with the aim of helping you get back any overpaid taxes or tax credits that are currently being held by Inland Revenue.

We have low fees and an easy IRD tax refund application form which you can fill in and let us worry about the rest. The sooner you complete our application form, the sooner you might receive a well-earned IRD tax refund.

Our Tax Refund Service

The tax refund service we provide is fast and efficient. We aim to get you the biggest possible IRD tax refund in the shortest possible time. Usually we can claim tax refunds for any of the past 5 years, although in some cases we can claim existing tax credits that are up to 8 years overdue.

We simply require your authorisation to obtain information from the IRD, confirmation of the types of income you ahve received and your approval for us to act as your Tax Agent. We also need your full name, address, IRD number and some other essential details. You provide this to us by completing our on-line application form.

Once you are linked to our agency, the IRD may send you a notification letter advising that we have been appointed as your tax agent. When you are linked to our agency, we are able to access your tax and income records along with other information that may impact on your refund assessment directly from the Inland Revenue. We use this information to perform a series of calculations to determine whether you have paid too much tax and whether you are entitled to any valuable tax credits. We ensure that you get the biggest possible tax refund NZ has for all tax types.

When your IRD tax refunds are ready to be issued, the IRD to transfer any tax refunds into the MY TAX BACK NZ Ltd Trust Account. We charge a fee for checking and receiving your refunds and immediately deduct this fee from the gross refund amount received into our trust account. Then we arrange to transfer the balance of the tax refund to your personal bank account, or we will post you a cheque if no bank account is provided.

You do not need to reapply with us next year however you will need to advise us if your personal details change or if you receive any income other than from wages or salary. We will contact your regularly to check if you ahve received any untaxed income.. Once you complete the application form, we will commence assessing your eligibility for a New Zealand tax refund.

We will notify you if you are entitled to a refund by email or txt and we aim to get refunds to our clients within 5 working days of receiving the application, although the IRD do not work to this timeframe.

Please note: Tax Refunds for the most recently completed tax year (year ended 31st March) may not be issued by the IRD until late May at the earliest.

Our Customers

Our clients are typically wage and salary earners who have worked during any of the previous 5 years. Our experience suggests that if you have been working and paying tax, then you have a great chance of receiving a New Zealand tax refund. You might be a full time or a part time worker, it makes no real difference since most payroll systems generally over tax employees at some point. If any of the following situations apply to you during any of the past 5 years, your chances of getting a tax refund significantly increase:

You have worked more than one job at any one point in time and used a secondary tax code
You have earned between $24,000 and $48,000 and don’t receive any Working For Families tax credits
You received a bulk payment for holiday pay/bonus/backpay etc
You work irregular hours
You have changed jobs in any of the past 5 years and received your holiday pay with your final pay from any employer.

We have processed thousands of tax refunds applications for people from all walks of life including high profile sportsmen and TV personalities but typically our clients are regular hard working NZ residents who get paid either wages or a salary and have no other forms of income. Surprisingly, we even manage to recover IRD tax refunds for some beneficiaries….even government departments don’t calculate the correct amount of tax to deduct in every case. Every person’s situation is different and there are many reasons why people get a tax refund but it all boils down to one simple fact….they have paid more tax than they are legally obliged to pay.


"Hi there it's Alei here just returning a fantastic feedback in the last two weeks I sent thru my church donations receipt then I followed up on Thursday last week and one of your reps replied the refund should be in my account on Wednesday this week and it's true it's already in my account I highly recommended your service great people that helps people too so I'm just waiting on my employer's tax refund keep me up to date please"..Alei, Auckland

"Yippee! Thankyou (what a windfall!) "Your company is AWESOME"..Lynda, Chartwell Hamilton

“Thankyou MYTAXBACK! I am very excited to hear that I am due for an IRD tax refund. I can’t wait to receive my tax refund cheque!” Sandeep, Auckland

“Good morning guys! That’s fantastic news! As Tom Cruise in the movie “Gerry McGuire” says - Show Me The Money!....Lol! Thankyou to YOU and the rest of the MYTAXBACK team” Andy, Christchurch

“I got so frustrated being put on hold for 20 minutes when I rang the IRD that I decided to try your on-line service while I waited. It was so easy and I got my refund in days. Thank you so much. I’m going to buy myself an ipad now that I’ve got my IRD tax refund!” Kevin, Alexandra

“When I filled in the application form I never expected to receive a massive refund 2 weeks later. I just presumed my boss was deducting the right amount of tax from my pay each week. He can’t explain why I’d overpaid my taxes….thank God you could! Thanks for your help guys!” Heather, Central Otago

“Thank u so much for sorting out my tax refund. You have been a huge help” Des, Auckland

“Hey MYTAXBACK, you guys ROCK! Thanks for arranging another tax refund for me this year” Justine, CHCH

“WOW, I just received my refund cheque. I couldn’t believe my eyes. ARE YOU SURE THIS IS RIGHT? I didn’t expect anywhere near this much. THANKYOU SO MUCH!” Jodi, Auckland

"Hi Guys, Thank you so much for assisting our tax refund.. we very much appreciate it. Me and my Hubby are very grateful that you helping us and not worried how to get a tax refund everytime because you are here guyz to update us. Thanks again until in the next refund. Ma, Wellington



Robert from Arrowtown got $700 tax back!

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