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We don't hide our fees in the T&C's or FAQ's. 

  • For any PTS or IR526  refund assessed, requested, confirmed or received through our efforts our service fee is 10%+gst of the refund amount, with a minimum fee of $17.40+gst. This low fee applies to all refunds for all tax types.
  • If an IR3 is required for any reason the IR3 filing fee will be a maximum of $89 plus 10% of any assessed refund amount plus gst.
  • A $5 cheque fee will be deducted from any refund issued by way of bank cheque.
  • If a cheque is required to be cancelled for any reason, a $30 cheque cancellation fee will apply.
  • There is a $3 fee for ID verification of your NZDL, passport or 18+ Card
  • For all International Telegraphic Transfers a $30 ITT fee will apply.

If you are required to file an IR3 for any reason and this does not result in a refund, we will notify you of your obligations and any applicable fees before taking any action.

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