MY TAX BACK NZ Ltd are Tax Agents, registered with the Inland Revenue. Established in 2008, we have processed tax refund applications for over 100,000 clients. We provide a fast and efficient service with the aim of helping you get back any overpaid taxes that are currently being held by Inland Revenue.

We have low fees and an easy IRD tax refund online application process.

MY TAX BACK is passionate about ensuring that ordinary hardworking NZ tax payers pay no more tax than they are legally obliged to pay. We employ a small team of dedicated staff who are experts at maximising the IRD tax refund eligibility of our clients and work hard to ensure that our clients get a fair deal. We promise to work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you get your NZ tax refund as fast as practically possible.

If we can’t get a tax refund for you, then nobody can! All you need to do is complete our simple on-line application form and let us worry about the rest.

The sooner you complete our application form, the sooner you might receive a well-earned IRD tax refund.


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